• coal briquette line
    3D drawing of briquette line
    Made up of storing bins, crushing machine, mixing machine, press machine and drying machine
  • Automatic packing and palletizing line
    Made up of automatic bag feeder, weighing system, sealing machine, bag shaping system, robotic palletizer, automatic pallet feeder, etc
  • wood pellet line
    Wood pellet line
    Including wood crusher, drying machine, wood pellet press, cooling&screening machine, etc
  • Coal briquette line
    We produce 2Ton/hour to 40Ton/hour complete coal briquette lines

Brief Introduction of FUYU's Main Products

After more than 30 years of rapid development, in addition to the briquette production lines and pellet production lines, through self-development and company acquisitions, we have expanded the types of machines, including fully automatic packaging lines, palletizing lines, coffee roasting machines, etc.  FUYU are determined to provide high-quality machinery and services to global clients. Below are our main products for your reference.

  1. 1
    Briquette production line

    Our briquette production lines are used for turning mineral waste into briquettes. The briquette machine produced by us are mainly roller type press machine. It could be used to press coal briquettes, charcoal briquettes, iron powder briquettes, aluminum ash briquettes, carbon black briquettes, etc. The shape of the briquettes could be round shape, oval shape, bread shape,etc 

    To take a complete coal briquette line as example, it is made up of Storing bins, crushing machine, mixing machine, briquette press machine, drying machine, etc. All them machines are connected together by belt conveyors. Depending the condition of different kinds of raw mateirals and different binders, the items in the briquette production line will be different. The outputs of the coal briquette machine could be 2Ton/hour to 40Ton/hour.

  2. 2
    Automatic packing line

    We produce both semi-automatic and fully automatic packing lines. A fully automatic packing line is made up of automatic bag feeding system, automatic bag opener, bag clamping device, automatic weighing machine, horizontal belt conveyor and sewing machine(or heat sealing machine). As for a semi-automatic packing line, normally it needs 1 worker to put on the bags and the other worker to insert the bags into sewing machine. 

    All the electrical components are famous international brands, The PLC controlling system is made by Siemens, Weighing sensor is made by Mettler Toledo, Penumatic components are AirTAC, main electric components are Schneider. 


  3. 3
    Automatic palletizing line

    Normally an automatic palletizing line is connected with a packing line. It is made up of bag kicker(turn the conveying direction of bags), bag shaping conveyor, bag grabbing conveyor, automatic palletizier(such as ABB robot), automatic pallet feeding system. 

    As for the automatic palletizer, we have vertical palletizer, high level palletizer and robotic palletizer(ABB, ESTUN, KAWASAKI). Depending on the hourly output, working scenarios and budget of clients, we will recommend most suitable models to clients. 

  4. 4
    Pellet production line

    We are mainly focued on wood pellet production line. A complete wood pellet line is made up of crushing process(crush raw materials into 3-5mm), drying process(reduce the moisture of sawdust to 8%-15%), pellet press machine, pellet cooler&screener. The output of a pellet line could be 100kg/h to 5Ton/hour. 

  5. 5
    Coffee roaster machine

    We have a subsidiary who is devoted in production of coffee bean roaster for more than 15 years. We produce 500g sample roaster, 1kg, 2kg, 3kg, 6kg, 12kg, 15kg till 200kg commercial coffee roaster machines. There are gas heating type and electric heating type for most models. Our roasters are very popular used in US, Canada, Saudi Arabia, UK, Thailand, Philippines, etc.