15TPH coal briquette line for Ireland

The 15Tons/h coal briquette production line for Ireland is finished and ready for delivery. It will needs five 40FT containers to load the whole plant.

It is a complete coal ovoids production line. which is made up of dosing bins, coal crusher, rotary dryer, double shaft mixers, pre-pressing machine and coal ovoids press machines, etc.

The dosing bins are used to control the percentage of different raw materials. It is also used to control the output of production line.

The coal crusher is used to crush the raw materials into 0-3mm fines.

The rotary dryer is used to reduce the moisture of raw materials to 8-12%.

The double shaft mixers are used to mix coal fines with binders.

The pre-pressing machine is used to increase the bulk density of raw materials. Then it will be easier to be pressed into briquettes.

The coal ovoids press machine is used to press raw materials into high strength briquettes.

It adopts cold curing binders so doesn’t need coal briquette dryer.

More photos of the 15Tons/h coal ovoids for your reference: 

coal briquette line dosing bin coal briquette production line coal briquette line for Ireland double shaft mixer coal ovoids production line

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