BBQ charcoal extruder with automatic cutter

We have 3 models for BBQ charcoal extruder. They are 140 model with 500kg/h output, 180 with 1000kg/h output and FYLX-300 with 2Ton/h output.

The BBQ charcoal extruder can make different shape charcoal briquettes. We can customize different molds according to clients need. It can be hexagonal bars, round bars or square bars. It also can be used for making shisha charcoal.

The charcoal briquettes made by our extruder have good density. We can also add center hole for the briquettes.

Here is a Youtube video link of our 180 charcoal extruder:

With the automatic cutter on the extruder, we can get uniform briquettes with same length. It will easy for packing and transporting.

In the following are the photos of BBQ charcoal extruder for Angola clients:

charcoal briquette machine

BBQ charcoal extruder

charcoal briquette extruder


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