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charcoal briquette machine

Hookah charcoal tablet press machine Hookah charcoal tablet press machine introduction: FUYU Machinery is the best supplier for shisha charcoal tablet press machine in China. Now we mainly produce hydraulic shisha charcoal press, as well as hydraulic charcoal tablet press machine. The shape, density and hardness of final shisha / hookah charcoal are all adjustable. […]

BBQ charcoal extruder

BBQ charcoal extruder with automatic cutter We have 3 models for BBQ charcoal extruder. They are 140 model with 500kg/h output, 180 with 1000kg/h output and FYLX-300 with 2Ton/h output. The BBQ charcoal extruder can make different shape charcoal briquettes. We can customize different molds according to clients need. It can be hexagonal bars, round […]

hookah charcoal line

Hookah charcoal line (150kg/h to 600kg/h) Hookah charcoal line is used to produce round or cubic shape shisha charcoal. For a complete shisha charcoal production line, it is made up of charcoal crusher, mixing machine, shisha charcoal press machine, shisha charcoal drying machine and packing machine. Charcoal crusher is hammer type crushing machine. It is […]

آلة فحم حجري الفحم

Shisha charcoal briquette machine for Lebanon The shisha charcoal briquette machine for Lebanon is our FYYP-60 model. It is also the most popular model. It can be used to make 20,580 pieces 25mm charcoal cubes, or 26,800 pieces 22mm charcoal cubes. Only by changing molds, it can be used for making different briquettes, no matter […]

charcoal briquette line

Charcoal briquette machine for Turkey The charcoal briquette machine and wheel mixing machines in the following are made for our Turkey clients. It includes 3 different kinds of charcoal briquette machines and wheel mixer. They are used for making different charcoal briquettes. The BBQ charcoal extruder with automatic cutter is used to making charcoal bars. […]

Aluminum briquette machine

Aluminium ash briquette machine(briquette plant) for Thailand This Aluminium briquette machine(briquette plant) for Thailand was sold by one of our local international trading company. It is a plant made up of wheel mixing machine, dosing hoppers, high pressure aluminium ash briquette machine, screw conveyor, belt conveyor, etc. our technicians comes with the trading company for […]

rotary carbonizing machine

Rotary carbonizing furnace for Chad rotary carbonizing furnace is one kind continuous carbonizing machine. It makes raw materials into charcoal during transporting. The raw materials for it can be rice husk, coconut shell, coco shell, peanut shell, etc. The size of raw materials should be less than 2cm. You can also use it to carbonize […]

carbonizing klin

Fast Carbonization furnace for Vietnam client Fast carbonization furnace is batch type carbonizing machine. We have two models for batch type carbonization furnace. One is HST-01 with output of 400-500kg/hour for charcoal. The other is HST-02 with output of 800-1000kg/hour for charcoal. The  carbonization furnace also can be called carbonization kiln or carbonizing machine. The […]

coal ovoids production line

15TPH coal briquette line for Ireland The 15Tons/h coal briquette production line for Ireland is finished and ready for delivery. It will needs five 40FT containers to load the whole plant. It is a complete coal ovoids production line. which is made up of dosing bins, coal crusher, rotary dryer, double shaft mixers, pre-pressing machine and […]

coal briquetting plant

10TPH coal briquetting plant in Kenya The 10TPH coal briquetting plant in Kenya was almost finished for installation. Normally it takes around 1 month for finishing the installation. Till now our engineers has been there  for 17 days. It is a simple hot curing coal briquetting plant, which is made up of dosing hoppers, mixing […]

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