Fast Carbonization furnace for Vietnam client

Fast carbonization furnace is batch type carbonizing machine. We have two models for batch type carbonization furnace. One is HST-01 with output of 400-500kg/hour for charcoal. The other is HST-02 with output of 800-1000kg/hour for charcoal.

The  carbonization furnace also can be called carbonization kiln or carbonizing machine. The raw materials for it can be wood logs, wood branches, wood chips, coconut shell, etc. It is better to keep the size of raw materials bigger than 5cm.

It is one kind of fast carbonizing furnace, which only needs 7-8 hours per batch. We can make 3 batches charcoal per day.

Photos of the carbonizing furnace for checking:

fast carbonizing furnace fast carbonization furnace carbonizing klin




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  1. I am interest for bamboo charcoal product.


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