Hookah charcoal line (150kg/h to 600kg/h)

Hookah charcoal line is used to produce round or cubic shape shisha charcoal. For a complete shisha charcoal production line, it is made up of charcoal crusher, mixing machine, shisha charcoal press machine, shisha charcoal drying machine and packing machine.

Charcoal crusher is hammer type crushing machine. It is used to crush lump charcoal. The hammer mill is equipped with high-quality hammers which is made from tungsten steel. After assembling, we also test its dynamic balance, to ensure it can run stably and smoothly.
Wheel mixer is a professional machine for mixing charcoal. The wheel mixer is equipped with a customized reducer which has better stability.
For the shisha charcoal press machine, we recommend our hydraulic hookah charcoal press machine. There are different models with different output, ranges from 150kg/h to 600kg/h.
Shisha charcoal drying is a slow process. The heating temperature should below 80 degree centigrade. It needs 8-10 hours for drying.
For the packing machine, we will recommend it based on your requirement on package.
If you want to build a hookah charcoal production line, please feel free to let me know. We will design the plant and make best offer for you.
hookah charcoal line

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