140 charcoal extruder briquette extruding machine

The FYLX-140 charcoal extruder is our smallest charcoal exrruding machine. If for making charcoal briquette, its capacity can be 400-500kg/hour. If for making coal briquette, the capacity of it can be 800-1000kg/hour. We can equip pneumatic automatic cutter for you. Then you can get briquettes with same length. The length of the briquettes can be adjusted by yourself. Now the extruder with automatic cutter is very popular in Thailand, Indonesia, Lebanon, UAE, etc.

The detailed specification of FYLX-140 as following: 

Model: FYLX-140

Power: 7.5kw/11kw

Capacity: 400-500kg/h for charcoal briquette/800-100kg/h for coal briquette

Reducer: ZQ350

Weight: 1Ton

Overall size: 1.9*1.1*1.2M

Size of briquette: 6mm-60mm diameter, length can be adjusted.

Testing video link on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ctP9QWGi7Z4


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