150kg/h hydraulic shisha charcoal press machine

The hydraulic shisha charcoal briquette machine is made up of hydraulic pump station, mechanical pressing part and PLC control cabinet. It can be used to make both round and cubic shape shisha charcoa(hookah charcoal).

The advantage of hydraulic shisha charcoal briquette machine as following:
1.High pressure. The shisha made by it has high strength, which will never be broken during transportation.
2.PLC control. It allows you to adjust the pressure or speed of the machine easily. It also can be totally automatic running.
3.Easy maintenance. The touch screen on the cabinet will show you the working condition of each part.
4.The thickness of shisha can be adjusted by yourself.

For the model FYYP-25, it is our smallest hydraulic shisha charcoal briquette machine. To take 25x25x25mm cubic charcoal as example, it can make 10,500 pieces to 12,000 pieces cubic shisha charcoal per hour, around 300kg/h after drying.

The detailed specification of HSYP-25 as following:
Power: 11kw for hydraulic pump station, 1.1kw for feeder
Capacity: 25 pieces per punching for 25x25x25 shisha, 7-8 punchings per min.(10,500 pieces to 12,000 pieces per hour)
If you want to make different size shisha charcoal, the capacity will be different. (Higher capacity for smaller size, Lower capacity for bigger size)
Max pressure:30Ton
Diameter of shisha: 20mm to 50mm. Round shape or cubic shape
Weight: 1350kg
Packing size:1.8×0.8×2.1M

If you are interested in shisha charcoal making machines, please feel free to contact us via:
Email: fuyu-machinery@outlook.com
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