15TPH hydraulic coal ball press machine


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The FYYQ-650 coal briquette machine is popular used in our coal briquette production lines, due to its high pressure and good performance.

The diameter of its rollers is 650mm and width is 635mm. The gearbox of it is ZQ-650 which is specially customized. The actual output of it is 15 to 20Tons/hour, depending on the size of briquettes and bulk density of raw materials. The rotating speed of its rollers are 11-13RPM. The pressures between two rollers can be adjusted to meet the requirement of briquette strength.

As for the main motor, it is equipped with 37kw 8 pole motor, which is powerful and energy saving.

The materials of the rollers can be 65Mn alloy, 9Cr2Mo alloy or 7Cr17 stainless alloy, customers can make a choice based on the condition of raw materials and budgets. We process the rollers for 3 times to ensure smooth surface of their ball sockets, which can help a lot for avoiding sticking and ensure best appearance of final briquettes.

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