20Tons/hour coal ovoids production line

This 20Tons/hour coal ovoids production plant is in Ireland. It was built in 2014 and has been running for more than 3 years without problem.

The plant is made up of 3 dosing bins, drying system, crushing system, dosing system, mixing system, pre-pressing system and ovoids pressing system.

Comparing with traditional briquette plant with hot curing method, it doesn’t need briquette dryer in this plant. The binders for it are made from cold curing materials. For the final ovoids, they only need to be stacked for 24-48hours for getting drying and hardening naturally. They also has water-proof characters.

As there are 3 different kinds of raw materials for briquetting, we made 3 dosing bins in the beginning of the plant. They are used to store raw materials and control the ratio of them.

The drying system is made up of oil burner, firebox and rotary dryer. The rotating speed of the dryer is adjustable, so it can be used to dry raw materials with different moisture content.

The crushing system is made up vertical crusher.

The dosing system is used to control the percentage of raw materials and binders. There are two big bins of it, one is for storing crushed powder and the other is used for storing binder powder.

The mixing system is made up of 3 sets double shaft mixing machines, which can ensure even mixing result.

The pre-pressing machine is used to increase the bulk density of raw materials for better pressing in next stage. It is recommended depending on the condition of raw materials.

The Ovoids press machine here is a hydraulic roller type press machine. The pressure of it is adjustable. Its Roller diameter is 650mm and width is 635mm. The actual output of it is 15-20tons/hour.

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