2Ton/hour charcoal briquette machine extruding type

The capacity of FYLX-300 screw type charcoal briquette machine is 2ton/h for making charcoal briquettes. For making coal briquettes, the output will be almost doubled. The shape and size of charcoal briquette can be designed as clients needs.

For all of our screw type charcoal extruding machines, we can equip pneumatic automatic cutting system for clients, which can save a lot of labor cost. The cutting system is made up of pneumatic driving devices, air cylinder, sensor and cutter. It allows clients to adjust the length of final briquettes freely. And they will get uniform charcoal briquettes which are good for packing and selling.

The specification of FYLX-300 as following: 

Power: 37kw

Capacity: 2000kg/h for charcoal briquettes, 4000kg/h for coal briquettes

Reducer: ZQ650

Weight: 2.5Ton

Dimension: 3.2×2.3×1.2M

Here is a Youtube working video link for it: https://youtu.be/zn4VWUxEtB0(Produced by us and sold to Jordan through a trading company name E.P Machinery)

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