300kg/h shisha charcoal press machine with high pressure

The FYYP-60 hydraulic hoohah charcoal press machine is the most popular model in the market. It can be used to make shisha charcoal with different shapes and sizes.

If you want to make 25mm cubic shisha charcoal, then its output will be 20,580 pieces to 23,520 pieces per hour.  As we all know, the weight of 25mm cubic shisha charcoal is around 14 grams after drying, so the output is equal to 300kg/hour.

Here is a testing video link for FYYP-60 on Youtube: https://youtu.be/y8NC6wUxRA8?list=PLP7OWyqVd69v4YtIMSUiFBqefub7eVoRD

The detailed parameter of FYYP-60 as following:

Power: 18.5kw for hydraulic pump station, 1.1kw for feeder

Capacity: 49 pieces per punching for 25x25x25 shisha, 7-8 punchings per min.(20,580 pieces to 23,520 pieces per hour)

         If you want to make different size shisha charcoal, the capacity will be different. (Higher capacity for smaller size, Lower capacity for bigger size)

Max pressure:60Ton

Diameter of shisha: 20mm to 50mm. Round shape or cubic shape

Weight: 2000kg

Packing size:2.5×0.8×2.2M

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