500kg/h hydraulic hookah charcoal press machine

The FYYP-100 high pressure shisha charcoal making machine is our biggest shisha charcoal maker currently. The maximum pressure of it can reach 100ton. And the output of it is 10o pieces per punching for 25mm cubic charcoal, 5-6 punchings per minute. If you need different size or shape, we can also design for you. The output of it is around 500kg/h.
In the following are the detailed specification of FYYP-100:

Power: 22kw for hydraulic pump station, 1.1kw for feeder
Capacity: 100 pieces per punching for 25x25x25 shisha, 5-6 punchings per min.(30,000pieces to 36,000 pieces per hour)
         If you want to make different size shisha charcoal, the capacity will be different. (Higher capacity for smaller size, Lower capacity for bigger size)
Max pressure:100Ton
Diameter of shisha: 20mm to 50mm. Round shape or cubic shape
Weight: 3100kg
Packing size:3.1×1.3×2.3M

For our hydraulic press machines, all of them can be used to make both round shape or cubic shape shisha charcoal. The charcoal briquettes made by them are all have good appearance and high strength.

If you want to make charcoal products with different size and shape, only need to purchase extra molds for changing in the future. For same set molds, the thickness of shisha charcoal made by it is adjustable. For example, if you want to make 20x20x20mm and 20x20x22mm shisha charcoal, you don’t need to buy extra molds for it.


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