briquette drying machine

What we are going to introduce is continuously briquette drying machine. Especially for briquette production line with high output, the continuous drying machine is very necessary.

There are two kinds of it, one is  net belt dryer and the other is chain plate dryer. The working principle of them are similar. The difference of them is about the belt, one is net belt and the other is steel plates with holes.

The net belt dryer is good for drying light briquettes such as charcoal briquettes, also it can be used to drying coal briquette or iron briquettes in low output production line. Please see the photo of the net belt as following:

The chain belt dryer is much stronger than net belt dryer due to the thick steel boards. For drying iron ore briquettes, coal briquettes, aluminium briquettes, it is better to choose chain plate dryer, as it is strong enough for weight-bearing and stand long time working under high temperature. Please see the photo of chain plates as following:

Once you need a briquette dryer in your plant, we will help you to balance the budget and practicability to make best choice.

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