chamber dryer

The chamber dryer also can be called box dryer, tray dryer. It is one kind of batch type dryer, thus it is good for using in small production plant, like coal briquette line with output less than 5Ton/h  or shisha charcoal making line.

Especially for charcoal briquette drying, as we all know, the fire point of charcoal is very low, so it is very important to control the temperature during drying. Normally for shisha charcoal drying,  the temperature in the dryer should be control at around 80 degree centigrade. And it needs 10 -12 hours for drying. The process can’t be sped up.

Our chamber dryer is heated by electric power, so the temperature of it can be controlled precisely. It can works 24 hours per day no need extra staff to take care of it.

There are different models with different layers of tray, more trays means higher output. The trays are all standard size for replacing easily. It can be made from stainless plates or common steel plates. Normally the trays made from common steel plates are recommended.

There are wheels for each tray carriage, so customers can move it in and out of the dryer easily.

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