charcoal coal packing machine

For better selling, most of coal/charcoal suppliers need to pack the coal/charcoal lumps or briquettes into bags.

Our automatic bagging machine can meet all the packing requirements for coal/charcoal products with maximum size less than 17cm, no matter for uniform briquettes or lumps with different size. It is made up of feeding system, automatic weighing system, bag clamping device, speed-adjustable horizontal belt conveyor and sealing machine. The bags can be sewed by string or by heating.

Most of the key parts like pneumatic cylinder, load cell, Magnetic valve, F.R.L Combination, AC controller are all selected from famous suppliers in Taiwan, German and France. The weight controller are designed by our-self, which is the most durable controller in the market. It has been proved for continuous working for 10 years without problem.

Currently we have two models for the automatic bagging machine. The smaller one can deal with 120-200bags/hour and the bigger one can deal with 500-600bags/hour. The main specification of them as following:

 Model Type A (Small model) Type B (Big model)
Precision  +/- 250-300g (2-3 coal weight)
Packing speed per hour : 120-200bags 500-600bags
Weighing scale : 2-10kg or 10-50kg 10-50kg
Power Supply : 240V single phase, 415V three phase, 50/60Hz
Power Dissipation : 2.5kW 4.5kW
Request Compressed Air : 0.4-0.6Mpa
Compressed Air Consume : 0.3m per hour 0.8m per hour
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  1. Pls send offer to pack 3 and 4 kg pre packs briquettes


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