charcoal extruder coal briquette extruding machine with automatic cutter

The 180 charcoal briquette extruder has the output of 800-1000kg/h for making charcoal briquettes. With the pneumatic cutter on it, we can get uniform charcoal bars. For the screw type charcoal briquette machine, it can be used to make both solid briquettes or those briquettes with central holes. The cross-section shape of briquettes can be designed according to your requirements.

The detailed parameter of FYLX-180 as following: 

Model: FYLX-180

Power: 18.5/22kw

Capacity: 800-1000kg/h for charcoal briquettes, 1200-1500kg/h for coal briquettes.

Reducer: ZQ400

Weight: 1.6Ton

Overall size: 2.1×1.5×1.2M

Diameter of charcoal bars: Can be made according to requirement.

Length of charcoal bars: can be adjusted

Here is a Youtube video link of 180 charcoal extruder for one American client:

The 180 extruding machine in the video was ordered by one US clients through a local trading company. It is used to make 60mm diameter hexagonal charcoal bars.

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