continuous carbonization furnace

continuous carbonization furnace


continuous carbonization furnace (200kg/h to 1200kg/h)

Continuous carbonization furnace is high yield charcoal making machine. The raw materials needs to be crushed into small pieces(0-4cm). The moisture of them should be less than 20%. Then we can feed them into carbonization furnace.

Features of continuous carbonization furnace

  1. The machine equipment with gas gasifier and purification system, easy to ignite and recycle the combustible gas.

2. Continuous working, large capacity,the machine is continuous type, can process 500kg/h

3. Energy Saving, recycle the self generated fuel for carbonize processing

4. High efficiency and fully automatic

      5. Easy to operate and maintenance

Raw materials for continous carbonization furnace:

  • Coconut Shell
  • Peanut Shell,walnut shells
  • Rice husk,agriculture waste
  • Jute Stem
  • Wood chips, etc

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continuous carbonization furnace

wood carbonize machine

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  1. good day one question i have in mind can the contentious carbonation rotary produce charcoal from wheat flour or corn flour or any kind of very fine product


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