Domestic red clay briquette making plant


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This red clay briquette making plant is used to press Laterite-Nickel Ore briquettes for metallurgy. Due to clay is easy to be pressed into briquettes, we recommend mechanical roller type press machine for our clients.

The whole plant is made up of dosing hoppers, double shaft mixers, liquid binder mixers and briquette press machines, which is a simple and practical plant.

The two dosing hoppers are used to control the percentage of clay powder and dry binder. The liquid binder mixers are used to provide liquid binder(or water) into the double shaft mixers. With 3 sets double shaft mixers, all the raw materials will be evenly mixed.

Meanwhile, as you can see, there are two sets briquette press machines for maximize output. We made a practical distributing device on the top of them.

Actually such plant also can be used to produce coal briquettes, iron ore briquettes, charcoal briquettes, etc. Based on the conditions of raw materials, we will design different plant for our clients.

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