Dosing bins

Normally the dosing bins are used in production lines, such as coal briquette line, charcoal briquette line or other mineral briquette lines.

The dosing hoppers mainly have 3 functions in a plant:

  1. Storing. In the beginning of a plant, the storing bins are used to store raw materials, so we don’t need to feed the raw materials by manual. They can be fed into the bins by forklift.
  2. Buffering. Normally after the crushing machine or drying machine, there will be a storing bins for balance the output of the whole line. Due to the different conditions(size, moisture) of raw materials, the output of crushing machine and drying machine will be affected. In order to keep the output of whole plant always at same standard, the buffering bins are very necessary.
  3. Dosing. Once we need to control the ratio of  different kinds of materials or binders, we can use the bins as dosing equipment. In this case, the small horizontal belt conveyors under the bins should be speed-adjustable. By changing the running speed of them, we can change the ratio of raw materials easily.

For plants with different output, we will design and recommend suitable dosing bins with different volume. For some materials with high moisture, it is necessary to add vibrating motor on the bins. The slop the bins are also designed based on the condition of raw materials.

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