Hammer type vertical crushing machine

The vertical crushing machine is good for crushing for coal, stone, lime and other mineral materials. As its crushing room is well sealed, few dust will be generated during crushing process.

The strong hammers are fixed on the central shaft by several layers. With the high rotating speed of the main shaft, the hammers will hit the raw materials onto the lining plates for crushing. After the crushing by several layers hammers, the size of the raw materials will be crushed into 0-3mm, which is good for making briquettes. By reducing or increasing the number of hammers, we can adjust the output and final particle size.

The spare parts of the vertical crusher are lining plates and hammers. All of them are made by casting and strict heat treatment for getting high strength. Meanwhile, they are easy to be replaced if necessary in the future.

We have different models of vertical crusher with different output. If you need it, please tell us your target output and condition of your raw materials, we will recommend suitable model to you.

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