High Pressure briquette machine

In metallurgical industry, in order to better smelting the mineral powder or taking advantage of them, it is a better choice to make them into briquettes.

As we know, for making charcoal briquette or charcoal briquettes, we can add some binders for making briquettes. However, for some mineral materials, it doesn’t allow to add binders as it may affect its chemical properties. Or like some dry powders, they don’t absorb any moisture, it is hard to be pressed into briquettes by normal briquette machine even after adding binders.

The high pressure briquette machine also can be called as dry powder briquette machine, it is good for making mineral powder briquettes, lime briquettes, aluminum ash briquettes, etc. The mian feature of it is thin rollers with big diameter but narrow width. The roller materials of them are made from CrMo alloy or 7Cr17 alloy which has good wear-resistance character. The other feature of it is very strong gearbox and big pump station, for providing high pressure for rollers. For common briquette press machine for coal/charcoal/iron ore powder, one roller of it is driving roller and the other roller is driven roller. For high pressure briquette press, according to the condition of raw materials, we can make both rollers as driving rollers to improve the pressure and performance. For some light raw materials, we will add force feeder on the top of the briquette press.

Thus, if you want to make some special raw materials into briquettes, please feel free to get in touch with us. We will give recommendations based on our experience or make test for you.

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