rotary dryer

The rotary dryer is one kind of raw materials drying machine. The size of feeding raw materials should be less than 4cm, better to be powder or particles.

The output of rotary dryer is determined by its drum diameter, drum rotating speed and drum length. Normally it is good for drying raw materials with moisture less than 40%. No matter for which kind of raw materials, the best moisture content for briquetting is 8%-15%.

The basic parts of rotary dryer includes drying drum, supporting rollers, gear ring, supporting rings, motors and gearbox, dust-collecting system. The internal structure of drum is made up of scraping plates,  dispersion device which is used to break up the sticky raw materials. 

For the heating source of the rotary dryer, it can be coal furnace or oil/gas burner with firebox. If clients choose coal furnace, we can help to design and  build it on site with low cost. Also clients can choose gas/oil burner with firebox, which is more easy to use, as no need extra staff to add fuels, there are pumps on the burners for adding fuels automatically.

Once you need a rotary dryer, please tell us the moisture content of your raw materials and final moisture after drying you want to get. Then we will recommend most suitable model to you.



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