Shisha charcoal briquette production line


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In order to press charcoal into shisha cubes or tablets, normally we need some other machines to pre-processing the raw materials. All the related machines will make up a complete charcoal briquette production line.

Normally a shisha charcoal production plant is made up of following parts:

Crushing machine– It is hammer type crusher with good dust-collecting system.

Mixing machine– Normally we recommend wheel mixer for charcoal powder mixing. It can help to increase the bulk density of charcoal powder during mixing.

Buffering bin—As the wheel mixer is batch type mixing machine, in order to make the whole line into a continuously running plant. We need this buffering bin to balance the output.

Shisha charcoal press machine—We have rotary shisha charcoal press and hydraulic shisha charcoal press machine for choosing.

Briquette dryer—Due to the low ignition point of charcoal, we need to control the heating temperature below 80 degree. The electric heating type briquette dryer is a best choice, as it can control the temperature precisely.

If you are interested to build a shisha charcoal plant, please feel free to get in touch with us.



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