Wheel mixing machine

The wheel mixing machine also can be called wheel mixer, edge runner mill, pan mill etc. It is a batch type mixing machine, which is made up of two wheels and scraper blades inside.

Except mixing, it also have the functions of grinding and pre-pressing. Thus, it is very good for charcoal powder mixing.

As we all know, charcoal powder is very light, the wheel mixers can help to increase its bulk density during mixing process. With higher bulk density, then charcoal will be pressed into briquettes or shisha charcoal easily.

The common wheel mixers in the market are equipped with automotive rear bridge as gearbox. The cost is low but the disadvantage is also obvious. Firstly the mass-produced rear bridge is too weak for industrial mixing machine. Customers can’t feed too much raw materials into it for mixing, which means the capacity is very low even the outline is big. Secondly as the rear bridges are not well sealed, after being exposed to production environment with a lot of dust, they will be broken easily.

For the wheel mixers made by us, they are all equipped with customized gearbox, which is strong enough for full load mixing. Also it is well covered for avoiding dust in.

For some light materials, such as lime powder, charcoal powder, etc. In order to get even mixing, our wheel mixer is always a best choice. The double shaft mixing machine is just too fast to mix such light materials.

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