Shisha charcoal briquette machine for Lebanon

The shisha charcoal briquette machine for Lebanon is our FYYP-60 model. It is also the most popular model. It can be used to make 20,580 pieces 25mm charcoal cubes, or 26,800 pieces 22mm charcoal cubes.

Only by changing molds, it can be used for making different briquettes, no matter for round tablets or cubic shape. Even for same mold, the thickness of briquettes is adjustable. Shisha charcoal made by shisha charcoal briquette machine has good appearance and high density.

The features of our shisha charcoal briquette machine as following:

  1. High pressure(30Ton-100Ton). The shisha made by it has high strength, which will never be broken during transportation.
  2. Full automatic PLC control(Manual or Auto running for choosing). It allows you to adjust the pressure or speed of the machine easily.
  3. Easy maintenance. The touch screen on the cabinet will show you the working condition of each part.
  4. The thickness of shisha charcoal is adjustable.

آلة فحم حجري الفحم shisha charcoal briquette machine hookah charcoal machine charcoal briquette machine


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