Coal briquette line

Briquette production line

The briquette production line is a large-scale production organization composed of a series of briquette machinery and equipment. It is also the route that the briquette production process takes, that is, starting from the raw coal entering the production site, through a series of production line activities such as processing, transportation, assembly, and inspection. composed route. The coal briquette production line can press coal slime, coal ash and other bulk coal products that have been dried to a certain extent into briquettes, briquettes and various carbon products for direct smelting and application; it can also use iron powder to press sponge iron and various The molding of ore powder makes the coal briquette production line widely used in heavy industries such as coal, mining, and metallurgy.

The main equipment of the briquette production line

The coal briquette production line mainly consists of coal briquette press, coal briquette dryer, pulverizer, belt conveyor, twin-shaft mixer and other equipment.
  • Coal briquette machine: It is an efficient equipment specially designed for producing coal pellets. Through advanced technology and technology, the machine can compress raw materials such as bulk coal powder and scrap into spherical coal products with consistent specifications and high density.
  • Coal briquette dryer: It is a briquette equipment designed for the dehydration of briquettes and ore powder pellets. The material can be dispersed as much as possible in the briquette dryer to increase the contact area between the hot flue gas and the material. At the same time, the flow rate and residence time of the material in each area of the dryer are controlled so that the hot flue gas and the material can fully convection, radiate and conduct. Heat exchange.
  • Coal crusher: It uses impact to crush materials. When the crusher rotates at high speed, the hammer collides with the material to break the material. The material enters the crushing cavity and is crushed by the upper rotor and then enters the lower rotor for crushing again. In the crushing cavity Materials collide with each other to achieve the purpose of crushing
  • Belt conveyor: It is a mechanical transportation equipment used to transport finished items such as briquettes or loose materials. It is mainly composed of a frame, a conveyor belt, a belt roller, a tensioning device, a transmission device, etc. According to the requirements of the conveying process, it can be transported by a single unit, or it can be composed of multiple units or combined with other conveying equipment to form a horizontal or inclined conveying system to meet the different needs of coal briquette production lines.
  • Coal briquette mixer: Mainly composed of casing, screw shaft assembly, driving device, piping, cover plate, chain cover and other components. This machine is used to stir the mixed materials and make preliminary preparations for the production of the molding machine. The main purpose is to Stir the mixture evenly and compact it at the same time.
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