Double shaft mixer

The double shaft mixer is one kind of continuous mixing machine. The main structure of it is made up of driving motor, gearbox and main shafts with paddles. It can be used to mix sticky material which contains even 30% liquid. When working, the two paddle rotors counter rotate to mix the raw materials . Due to the special angels of paddles, no matter the what shape, size or density of the raw materials, they all will be mixed evenly and effectively.

The advantage of our double shaft mixing machine as following:

1. High wear-resisting blades, with long service life for normal operation. 

2. Reasonable structure of shafts for convenient maintenance.

3. Gears and bearings are all made by Luoyang Bearing Group, which is the most famous bearing manufacturer. 

4. Flexible and reliable electric control system to ensure safe and easy operation.

Normally we distinguish the double shaft mixing machine by length. We have 2.5M to 4M model, which can meet the requirement of different production plants.

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